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The two communication styles that help you better understand your partner’s needs.

A couple trying to resolve their communication issues. Learning how to communicate better in their relationship.
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Poor communication is the first reason couples broke up.

According to 100 mental health professionals, communication problems are the most common factor that leads to divorce.

None of us would want to see our relationship fail. That’s why it’s better to prevent it. Maybe you get along well with your…

If you want to step up your writing game, discover hidden gems on Pinterest.

Pinterest writing hacks. How to improve your writing with Pinterest.
Image created by the author on Canva

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? I hope so. Otherwise, I would feel like an outcast. I’m only in my second month on Medium, and while trying to publish articles regularly, sometimes I find myself without ideas.

When this happens, I tend to compare myself to prolific writers who publish…

This is the pattern of every successful morning routine.

Woman with a lemon on her shoulder bathing in the morning sun. Waiting for the perfect morning routine to struck her.
Photo by Farol 106 on Unsplash

I’ve tried them all—the ideal morning routines.

I swear I’ve tested on my skin all the practices I should do when I wake up to feel like a balanced person.

Since I’ve always been looking for a way to improve myself, I tried cold showers, meditation, smoothies, yoga, running, reading…

It’s that magical time of the year (again, sigh)

A Christmas gift with the words Winter Blues written on it. Winter Blues is a synonim of seasonal depression.
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash, modified by the author on Canva

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, according to a popular Christmas song, but that’s not true. Not for everyone. For people like me who suffer from Winter Blues, it’s the most depressing time of the year.

Every year it comes on time. I’m not talking about Santa coming…

Yes, yellow flags are a thing too, and you should be careful about them.

A man surrounded by yellow smoke. As a metaphor for yellow flags in love relationships.
Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

You’ve started a new relationship, everything is perfect. Your partner is caring, wants to spend time with you, covers you with thoughtful gifts. This is the right one, you’re thinking to yourself. Finally! No more dating apps, no more awkward first dates, you found it.

Fast forward to a year…

Rachele Alvarado

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