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Great content alone is not enough to be successful, not anymore

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YouTube is the second most visited website in the world after Google. Creators from all over the world upload 500 hours of videos every minute. At the moment, there is no other platform like it.

With so much traffic coming every day, what has been the recipe for success so far?

Until a few years ago, we had fewer people creating content. To succeed on the platform, it was enough to live in a big city, buy lots of expensive trendy things, or have a van.

That’s no longer enough.

When there’s so much choice, the audience doesn’t have to…

The two communication styles that help you better understand your partner’s needs.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Poor communication is the first reason couples broke up.

According to 100 mental health professionals, communication problems are the most common factor that leads to divorce.

None of us would want to see our relationship fail. That’s why it’s better to prevent it. Maybe you get along well with your partner. You have shared values, shared interests and love each other very much.

Sometimes, however, they get on your nerves. You start endless arguments in which you never end up satisfied. You both think you are in the right, yet tension fills the room.

We all know that communication is…

Sleep anxiety is real, and you can learn how to manage it

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

You arrive home after one of those days at work. You’re exhausted. The idea of cooking discourages you, so you order takeout food. You watch a TV series and finally get into bed. You’ve been waiting for this moment since you woke up.

Your body is tired, ready to shut down, but your mind is not.

As soon as you touch the pillow, all the thoughts of the day resurface, and you start asking yourself questions. Why did the new colleague tell me that? Why can’t I be good at my job? I wonder when they will notice. Why hasn’t…

The top strategies to help you thrive in your next video interview.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

You’re looking for a job.

Lately, it’s been one of the worst times to find a job, but you are determined more than ever. You are skimming through the thousands of job ads, soring your eyes in front of a screen, until you finally get the first reply. Yeah!

You feel excited. Then you remember something. As if things weren’t hard enough, you realize that the interview will happen on video.

A chill runs down your spine.

We all know that it’s fundamental to prepare well, know the company inside out. Read several times the description of the job position…

Improve your writing skills with these 4 amazing free tools.

Photo by Mahrael Boutros on Unsplash

I understand what you mean, but this sentence makes sense only in Italian. That’s what my boyfriend told me after reading the draft of my first article.

I joined Medium in April this year, but I published my first article at the end of October. Why did it take me so long?


Fear of not being good enough at writing. Fear made worse by having to write in English. Hey, I don’t even know if I’m a decent writer in Italian. Now I’m even setting myself the goal of doing it in another language?

After two months on this…

Discover how to start 2021 in the best shape you can.

Photo by Megan Nixon on Unsplash

Three, two, one, Happy new year!

It was noon on January 1, 2020. I dragged myself out of bed with my head pounding. Not the best way to start a day, but I was happy. I felt electric. I said to myself that this year would change things. After I had recovered from my hangover, I wrote down my intentions on a napkin.

2021 hits differently.

The idea of taking time to make good resolutions for this New Year hurts me. I’m one of those people who, when they don’t accomplish their goals, get heavily demoralized.

But if 2020 taught…

If you want to step up your writing game, discover hidden gems on Pinterest.

Image created by the author on Canva

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? I hope so. Otherwise, I would feel like an outcast. I’m only in my second month on Medium, and while trying to publish articles regularly, sometimes I find myself without ideas.

When this happens, I tend to compare myself to prolific writers who publish 2–3 stories a day, and I wonder how they do it. Aliens! For me, every article requires a lot of commitment. I always think that I have already written the best ones, that I have already said everything I wanted to say.

But the words of the writer, screenwriter, and…

This is the pattern of every successful morning routine.

Photo by Farol 106 on Unsplash

I’ve tried them all—the ideal morning routines.

I swear I’ve tested on my skin all the practices I should do when I wake up to feel like a balanced person.

Since I’ve always been looking for a way to improve myself, I tried cold showers, meditation, smoothies, yoga, running, reading, writing, and painting.

None of these habits could stay with me for more than a few months. I hated them all. I’d rather start the day with something I like. At least the first half-hour of my day, I would love to bathe in pure bliss. Discouraged, thinking that those…

It’s that magical time of the year (again, sigh)

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash, modified by the author on Canva

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, according to a popular Christmas song, but that’s not true. Not for everyone. For people like me who suffer from Winter Blues, it’s the most depressing time of the year.

Every year it comes on time. I’m not talking about Santa coming down the chimney, I’m talking about my seasonal disorder.
It starts slowly. I want to spend more time in bed. My warm and cozy bed beats hands down the cold that’s waiting for me outside.

I keep telling myself it’s natural until one day it’s not, and it gets out…

Yes, yellow flags are a thing too, and you should be careful about them.

Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

You’ve started a new relationship, everything is perfect. Your partner is caring, wants to spend time with you, covers you with thoughtful gifts. This is the right one, you’re thinking to yourself. Finally! No more dating apps, no more awkward first dates, you found it.

Fast forward to a year later. You’re on your bed crying and feeding exclusively on Hot Cheetos for the past week. You’ve got orange-tinted mouth corners, and you wonder how you didn’t notice before what person they really were.

The problem is this, though, and they weren’t that horrible person at first.
You weren’t blinded by…

Rachele Alvarado

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